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in writing pejoratives should be avoided because

in writing pejoratives should be avoided because

in writing pejoratives should be avoided because

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When I conduct teacher workshops participants will occasionally say that they want. There are several reasons scholars now avoid using phrases like "the East," "the Far. writing about "the Orient" and the administration of European empires in the. scholars in Japan applied the pejorative term "the Orient" (Tōyō) to other .

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to remember this fact because many people are concerned with written forms of names,. on Geographic Names for approval before they can be used on Federal maps, charts, and other. considered to be pejorative vary between individuals and can change connotation from one. If the full name is approved to avoid.

U.S. foreign policy comes home to roost with Russia's action.

Mar 1, 2014 - How he responds will define his two terms in office, as well as determine. Ukraine from aggression; and avoid economic pressure on Ukraine.

Is “Neoliberalism” a Pejorative? |

Jul 15, 2013 - I tried hard to avoid this in Zombie Economics for example by using the neutral. In some sense I think of neoliberalism as only a pejorative because it. If I'm a critic of soft-left market-oriented liberalism but writing for my .

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Apr 23, 2014 - At a practical level, I worry that novice academic writers will be hamstrung by. Indeed, I began writing this post precisely because I wanted to figure out. But my hunch is that this is the root of the pejorative sense of “academic”.. It's that act of imagination that makes us better writers, and we avoid it by .

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Avoid coupling either word with other words of approximation, such as guess. Because these prefixes are often confounded, writers should be explicit. Childish is pejorative; it connotes immaturity and unreasonableness {childish ranting}.

Scriptnotes, Ep 150: Yes, screenwriting is actually writing.

Jun 26, 2014 - But if you have an actor in your head as you're writing a role, it can be very. you just want to avoid because we've seen them forever and they're frankly. And collaboration in a sense of like a sort of pejorative sense. Like .

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"gay" as a synonym for "lame" or "boring" or "uncool" certainly should be. songs, and even those are usually avoided because they tend to be misunderstood.. (re-written as such, by the way, because our current definition suggests that a 'gay. The label "pejorative" is really mostly useful for something like the n-word, .

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The best place to write is by yourself, because writing becomes an escape from the. is also a very tedious thing which men—or women—will do anything to avoid.. a point as its association with a wisecrack — the very word is pejorative.